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That one time I was a bearded skank :l

That one time I was a bearded skank :l

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Writing—is a lot like talking, I think.

Or at least that’s how they put it in to words—“so to speak”

And that’s where I get confused

—So let me unravel this for you

…words drip out like hot bullshit from my fleshed lips

Tell me something funny I don’t know

I’ll tell you something funny you do know

We are like this—empty vocalized breaths begin— :: I can’t hear what I’m thinking::

I never could hear. I never could feel—so why speak?

Writing is a lot like talking—“insert something all encompassing here.”

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I will defeat myself in full flavor

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I’m afraid to take the blankets off my feet
Cause of what my mom said

Your little brother is going to pinch your toes while you sleep.

Tell me stories that I can’t repeat.

These are my insides that shouldn’t say.
These are my insides that keep me full of cold.
These are my insides when I drive home.

These are my insides before a quake.

— 3 months ago

I will write to you, before the sun breaks lips on earth’s clay.

— 4 months ago

Lately I’ve been catching up on sleep, closing my eyes and waking up to dreams

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Ready to do this—man : O

Ready to do this—man : O

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